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Fundamentals of yin yoga class recordings available on demand

six recorded classes to view and rewatch at a time to suit you
Fundamentals of yin yoga class recordings available on demand

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classes on demand
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About The Event

This series of six 1hr classes is designed as an introduction to yin yoga and yang flows.  Sign up now and you will immediately receive links to the six recorded classes so you can practice at home whenever suits you.  Each class has a different body part focus so you can build up your knowledge of yin yoga poses and the physical and mental benefits of each series. 

  • Class 1 - Hips and Thighs. Learn how to stretch and release deep held tension from these areas.
  • Class 2 - Shoulders. Here we focus on the delicate shoulder and neck area, relieving tightness and freeing up movement. 
  • Class 3 - Back Flexibility.  Find out how gentle forward and relaxed back bends can help keep your spine healthy. 
  • Class 4 - Lateral Stretches.  Explore side bends and openings to support healthy organ function. 
  • Class 5 - Inversions.  Try out gentle inversions help remove toxins and can be surprisingly relaxing. 
  • Class 6 - Relax and Release.  Follow the full body relaxation sequence from toes to crown, a great way to prepare your body for a restful sleep. 

All classes include a 10minute guided relaxation.

Yin yoga is a unique combination of low slow gentle shapes held for a few minutes and soft flows to remove blockages. Different poses work on a physical, emotional and energetic level. A combination of yoga, tai chi and meridian theory.  

Each class includes talks, inspirational readings.  I will explain the sequence and which meridians, target areas and benefits it offers, so you can begin to build your own practice at home.  Your recordings can be replayed as many times as you like for future use for the next year.

I am available to support you if you have any queries or health concerns. If you are new to yin yoga why not start out with a one to one personal lesson to get the hang of it before you buy the series?

  • Six classes on demand