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Yin Yoga - make friends with your body


New to yoga and not sure where to start?

Need confidence before you can join a class?

Suffering from previous injuries or tightness?

Join me for gentle, personalised lessons broadcast at a time to suit you from my home studio room on zoom.  I can help you to gain confidence, strength and flexibility by developing your own regular practice. Yin Yoga works from the inside out, so you will start with a mix of gentle, flowing and slow resting positions to help you to feel into your areas of tightness. Watch them magically disappear as you relax into the Yin style.  Most of the gentle twists and stretches are held for 3-4 minutes, allowing your body to open up and you to get in touch with your own comfortable edge.  

If you feel you don't have the body awareness, balance or flexibility to enjoy yoga this is for you!


One hour individually taylored classes include an introductory discussion to identify your objectives and concerns, a gentle warm up "grounding" exercise to help you to relax, breathing practice to develop a deep sense of calm, slow flows and stretching working on the target areas, followed by a relaxing meditation to close.

Contact me now to discuss your needs or book here.  There is a yoga for everyone!

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