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Updated: Sep 3, 2023

We all get into habits of being used to the same thing, its comfortable, reliable and you dont have to think too much about it. So it can be a shock to have a different teacher turn up - you are expecting one thing and you get another.

One of the great joys of yoga is the variety of styles, approaches and techniques out there. Each teacher may have done a similar 200hr training (as a minimum) with a similar syllabus of poses, anatomy, philosophy and sequencing. But when they get up in front of you on the mat they are bringing with you all the hours of experience and learning with other teachers, classes, workshops, retreats, reading and students.

So if you find yourself missing your regular teacher take a moment to reflect on what a different teacher might bring for you. A new tip, a new pose, a new way of getting into to working into something? I really enjoy going to beginner classes as it gives you a chance to get into your "beginners mind" of thinking about what you are doing, really listening to the teachers instructions and finding something new in the familiar. Who knows, you may end up enjoying it a lot more than you thought you would if you drop your expectations and go with the flow...

Whether you are practicing with your regular teacher or a temporary cover this week - I hope you enjoy your class!

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