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Reflections on a New Year

Lets talk about gratitude, intention and aspiration. Why not? But lets not talk about resolutions.

I was recently given a set of gratitude questions to work through. They included things like, what was I most grateful for this year? what one person was I most thankful for? what had I done to help others? What struck me as I worked my way through was not that there was, of course, so much to be grateful for in my family, my home life, my friends. But I remembered that I had in fact been given the exact same exercise the previous year as well. Only at that time I had been unable to complete the questions. I was effectively in a much darker place and was not able to dig deep enough to appreciate the past year which had held the usual struggles and troubles.

My reflection was then, that a lot can change in a year. It has been a year of transformation for me, of pushing my boundaries, of trying new things and setting new limits. And, it must be working, because I am feeling incredibly grateful for the people who have come into my life and influenced me this year - you know who you are, I dont need to do the full Oscars thank you roll call. But I do need to take just a few minutes to appreciate all that has come and gone during 2018, good and bad. And if 2019 continues in the same way I plan to be even more grateful this time next year.

As they say, have a great 2019 and may all your dreams come true!

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Regina Kerschbaumer
Jan 04, 2019

There is always the ups and the downs...Best of luck for 2019 - my you fly even higher...!!!! 💕

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